1319. An elephantine love affair

Kwanza was an African elephant – from Botswana. Minrada was an Asian elephant – from Sri Lanka. They fell in love.

“Culturally,” said the Professor of Cultural Studies at the University, “the two will have irreconcilable differences. Culturally they will have little in common. The marriage will not, cannot, last.”

“Genetically,” said the Professor of Genetics at the University, “they are from two difference species. They simply will not be able to make a baby. The marriage will not, cannot, last.”

“Cuisine-wise,” said the Professor of Culinary Etiquette at the University, “one of them is going to get sick of eating grass instead of leaves. The marriage will not, cannot, last.”

“But we love each other,” said Minrada and Kwanza. “We’re not marrying each other’s culture.”

That was years ago. They’re still together. No kids. They alternate between eating leaves and grass. And they came to realize fairly fast that they DID in fact marry into each other’s culture.

6 thoughts on “1319. An elephantine love affair

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      LOL! My old philosophy professor defined marriage as a horse and a cow trying to pull the same cart. P.S. I am not trying equate either sex with a horse or a cow. The analogy rests elsewhere…

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