1316. Murdered wives

Harold had just finished cleaning up his murdered wife’s blood when the phone rang.

It was his good friend, Arnie. Did Harold want to go to the pub that evening? Arnie’s wife had just left on an extended vacation and he was free as a bird. Harold said he was free as a bird too. His wife had also just gone on an extended vacation.

Good friends don’t have to explain much. Both intuitively knew what the other had done. Both got roaring drunk. No one in the pub believed their cock and bull stories about murdering their wives. In fact both so embellished their narratives that the whole pub was in stitches.

But the next day was no fun, I can tell you. Try getting rid of a couple of bodies when you’ve got one hell of a hangover.

18 thoughts on “1316. Murdered wives

      1. Yvonne


        If I had the energy to tally suspicious deaths on your blog, I wonder how many there would be in the 1316 posts? I wonder what the ratio of male to female deaths would be?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          There’s a lot more female murderers in the stories I think – but I try to even them out a bit, Generally women seem to poison their husbands, whereas the men often concoct a car accident! One day I’m going to check!



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