1311. Mountain track

The only way that Nathan could see to get onto the mountain track was to slide down a steep bank. He did that. It was a lot easier than he thought. He was now on the mountain path. It seemed to be a clay track that wound in a wiggly line. Not too steep, but not very wide. In fact it was quite thin. Nathan wanted to go down the mountain, not up.

As he turned to face downhill, Nathan saw a giant, ferocious bull blocking the path several hundred yards below. At least he thought it looked ferocious. In fact it was quietly ambling up the path towards him. There was no way that Nathan would try to squeeze past. He turned to go uphill – and fairly fast!

Suddenly the path ended and there was a low bank to jump up to get to another path. Nathan thought perhaps the bull might not be able to jump that far up over the bank. By now, the bull had noticed Nathan and was starting to run towards him. Nathan tried to leap up the bank but didn’t make it. He tried again. His third attempt was equally unsuccessful. The bull was almost upon him.

And that is how Nathan ended up standing on his bedside table in the middle of the night trying to leap up his bedroom wall.

13 thoughts on “1311. Mountain track

  1. umashankar

    That’s a lot better than standing on your bedside mate, or getting pilloried by a mad bull! If Nathan had any gumption, he would have rode the bull like a cowboy right down the hill and sold the damn beast in the nearby town.

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  2. Andrea Stephenson

    Phew! I remember once dreaming that there were strange black growths growing from the creases between my walls and ceiling. I woke up to find I’d dragged the bed into the middle of the room to stop them dropping on me…

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I can understand your moving the bed in your sleep! My story of the bull and getting onto the bedside table was autobiographical! At another time I was chased by a horse and got a black eye on the beside table trying to get over the fence. I went to work with the black eye and no believed it was from a nightMARE!

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