13 thoughts on “Music 150: Bubbling lobsters

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yes, they are important imported. We don’t have lobsters in our waters, although we have the crayfish which doesn’t have the big claw like the lobster. The crayfish are hellishly expensive, so its cheaper to buy frozen Canadian lobsters.


  1. arlingwoman

    A very sprightly funeral procession! A lobsterman told me to put the creatures in the freezer before boiling them, that they would be less active…if we all had the experience of our flesh food live, we would more of us be vegetarians, I think! But Mainers call them sea bugs, so they aren’t revered everywhere…

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  2. umashankar

    I had read a novel called ‘Mandingo’ by Kyle Onstott in my boyhood. The eponymous hero of the story was boiled alive by his Master for …. Oops! I am revealing too much of the plot! The point of my telling all this is it prompted me to write a story in which a lobsters steals picnickers from a beach and carries them to a desolate island where he boils them in a rock-cut bowl. I remember nothing of what may have prompted me to conceive the felon as a lobster, nor is a shred available of the offending story to torment the eyes of our peace loving planet, which is obviously in the best interest of us all.

    Thanks for setting off a train of thoughts.

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  3. noelleg44

    As you know, I am a lobsterophile. I can eat lobster all the time, but usually reserve it for my trips to Maine where the lobsters are wonderful. None of those dang langosta with no claws! Canadian lobsters are the same, but I do have a bone – or maybe a shell – to pick, since the Canadian lobstermen are not environmentally nice because they take lobsters that are too small. The Maine lobstermen complain about them all the time.

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