1259. An insidious thing

Diana won first place at the local agricultural show for her pansies in a pot. The citation citated: First place goes to Diana for her pansies in a pot in the Pansies in a Pot section of the Potted Plants Section of the Flower Section of the Gardening Section of the Agricultural Show.

Diana was enormously proud of her achievement. “It’s not everyone,” said Diana, “who is awarded first place for her pansies in a pot in the Pansies in a Pot section of the Potted Plants Section of the Flower Section of the Gardening Section of the Agricultural Show.”

When she walked along the street Diana knew that people were looking at her. Jealousy is an insidious thing. She could feel their spite as they stared. They were talking about her behind her back in a disparaging and offensive manner.

“Not everyone,” said Diana, “can be a winner.”

“When she went into a plant shop she always asked if they had any pansies in a pot. She didn’t want to buy any, of course. She was simply using it as an opener to tell the shop keeper of her stunning triumph.

The shop keepers declared each time that they had never even heard of such an award – let alone the winner.

Jealousy is an insidious thing, oh yes, is it not? said Diana.

14 thoughts on “1259. An insidious thing

  1. Shubha Athavale

    Bruce I am late in commenting on your Council post of yesterday. Move to Sydney, it doesn’t happen here. 20 years ago my friend ( he passed away 5 years ago) planted 3 mango trees on the nature strip outside his house. Now every year, the trees fruit and bring joy to the neighbours. The house is in a cul de sac so there’s no through traffic. And the house we live in has a beautiful Tibouchina on the nature strip that is full of purple flowers as I write, probably planted by the original owners. And in my suburb there are mulberry trees on nature strips, so in a nutshell, move to Sydney 🙂

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            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              This was an attempt to try and find out where you live!!!!! Damn it – everyone knows I live in Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand – but you… I know you live in India because you follow cricket. But apart from that… Goa?… Coromandel?… north? south?


  2. raphaellae8

    HI Bruce.tickle tickle to you also.
    thanks for the fun post.It could be that Diana misconstrued and she won in a category that she didnt even realize existed at all in thinking that she won for the best potted pansy.
    nevertheless she is fortunate for winning.
    have a nice day.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you. I used to be the chicken judge at a local rural school’s pet day, and I didn’t have a clue about what made a good chicken. I did it for 11 years. Maybe the “Pansy in a Pot” thing is much the same!



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