Music 140: Wild foxgloves

Wild foxgloves grow everywhere where I live. I find them a joyful flower. I wish each bell had a little clapper in it to tinkle in the breeze! Of course, if that were to be the case then there would be nowhere for the fairies to hide! The music ends very abruptly; either I suddenly got very busy, or someone scared the fairies away.

Listen to the music HERE!

11 thoughts on “Music 140: Wild foxgloves

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks Yvonne – your comment makes me want to do better. I loved the Oxford comma particularly (in the link)! There’s a history as to why of course that I won’t go into here – but basically it boils down to why I got the sack in my last job (several years back – now too old to get another…) The Oxford comma has a lot to answer for!

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