1233. Distance romance

Paul had a number of relationships that didn’t go anywhere. There was Aimee. She was pleasant enough, but was into her horse which wasn’t an animal that Paul could get enthusiastic about. There was Bethany. She was enthusiastic about her family tree, and in the end Paul knew that if he heard any more about her third cousin twice removed he’d go bonkers.

Someone suggested that Paul try a dating service online. They use computers to find suitable pairs. You simply register your details and next thing you’ll be chatting with someone who fits whatever. So Paul did that, and that is how he met Dawn.

Dawn was the one! They clicked together and all the days of the week melded into one. Every night they’d be chatting away online about this and that, and that and this, and everything in between. It was without doubt a match planned since the inception of the universe.

Dawn had a baby, about seven months old, and Paul said such things didn’t matter. He would treat the child as his own. Everything was going to be wonderful. They had never met in the real but it was on the cards. They hadn’t even swapped phone numbers. Who needs to when you chat online?

And then Paul’s computer broke down and he lost all internet connections. So that was the end of that.

26 thoughts on “1233. Distance romance

      1. Yvonne

        I shared your gem with a couple of friends, and they said: “Think of all those little irritating things couples don’t have to deal with if their relationship is only on the internet. Dawn didn’t ever get mad because Paul left the toilet seat up and he didn’t ever have to discover any of her irritating little habits. Of course, Dawn may not have had any irritating habits. She was perfect as most of us women are.” And “Actually, I’ve heard rumors that they both have moved on to other relationships which is probably good for the kid’s sake.

        Dawn is engaged to a bronco-busting cowboy from Texas who she is yet to meet and Paul is having a torrid internet romance with a retired tight-rope walker from the once famous Ringling Bros. circus.”

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          1. Yvonne

            Look what you unleashed!

            “Well, now this story line could go either way!

            It could explain why Paul always had a childhood longing to run away and join the circus. All those handsome, muscular, brave men taming lions, swinging from the trapeze, death-defying acrobats on the high wire. He might have found love with Giovanni and not Gabriella as we first assumed.”

            To be continued….

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yeah right! And you’ve just written the most stunning three part story! I guess we all have a bit if the Ugly Duckling syndrome where we want to waddle around like a duck because we don’t realize we are swans!

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