1227. Party party party

Estelle had worked hard all year. It was her last year at university studying for a degree in Biochemistry. All the other students in her year seemed to manage to get all the work done AND party, party, party. But not Estelle. She plodded on day after day. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy Biochemistry. She did, and she got good grades for her assignments and labs. But the others seemed to do that too, AND party.

So when the last lecture was over, and the last assignment handed up and returned, and the last examination finished, all the other students went downtown somewhere to party, party, party. Estelle was invited but she didn’t really know them that well.

Instead she went on her own and bought herself the biggest strawberry milkshake the shop had. And a blueberry muffin.

17 thoughts on “1227. Party party party

  1. umashankar

    Yes, I know the kind. Up there somewhere you have hinted on an autobiographical element. You have a kindred spirit here. When my class was partying like there was no tomorrow, I settled down with Gone With the Wind.

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  2. Paul Beech

    Hi Bruce, I reckon that one day, “Estelle”, using her real name, will become a blogger of charm and wit, weaving a web of poetry and prose that wins her (or him!) a huge following with devoted friends worldwide…

    My very best,


    PS: I enjoy milkshakes and muffins too!

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I think nerdery is an admirable quality! After 11 years of working tpwards a double degree by correspondence, I wrote to the university and said I reckon if they shoved everything together they could give me one degree. I got a letter back with the certificate saying, well done, you’ve passed. And that was my graduation. I forgot to have a latte!



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