1212. Shannon was pregnant

Shannon was pregnant! She was excited, although it wasn’t planned.

She told her partner who said, “I thought you were on the pill.”

She told her parents who said, “Who’s going to pay for it? Don’t you realize how expensive a kid is?”

She told her girlfriend who said, “But you’re too young to have a baby. At your age you should be out enjoying yourself.”

She told her doctor who said, “Would you like an abortion?”

Shannon was pregnant. Somehow the joy of the unexpected occasion had gone down the gurgler.

6 thoughts on “1212. Shannon was pregnant

  1. derrickjknight

    Most sensitive. Back in the ’60s, the Jackie was pregnant with Becky, we visited the GP in the hope of his providing something to relieve morning sickness. The quack immediately reached for an abortion consent form.

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  2. inesephoto

    Did my catching up. Enjoyed all your stories.
    When I was born, people were happy to have a baby. It was just a decade after the WW2 ended, and people appreciated life. When it was my time to be pregnant… well, everything about it is written in your story. Thankfully, these days my young friends and close acquaintances have been very happy about their new babies. Are the times changing, or am I just poorly informed about the overall situation?

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