1210. Waiting for midnight


Years ago, when he was just a teen, Vivian thought that 67 was a reasonably old age. He was born on the 1st of January 1950. That meant that the final digit of his age was the same as the year’s final digit; 1959 he was 9, 1969 he was 19, and so on. The year was 2017, and Vivian was 67.

Now that he’d reached the age of 67, Vivian didn’t think that was old at all. He’d always presumed, for no reason, that he’d die aged 67. And now it was a quarter to midnight on the last day of 2017.

What a relief it will be when midnight comes, thought Vivian. It was now ten minutes to midnight.

Vivian was feeling stressed. He tried not to look at the clock. He played a computer game to takes his mind off things. He had sweaty palms.

It was now five minutes to midnight. He turned the television on to watch… anything.

His wife had to turn the TV off in the morning.

14 thoughts on “1210. Waiting for midnight

  1. umashankar

    Once more, that is cruelly delicious. When the time comes, the grim reaper will not grant even a splinter of another breath. Lets us all switch off our bawling TV’s, close the window on sleeping volcanos, and nestle in the feathery pillow of one more New Year!

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  2. inesephoto

    I always knew I would die at 43, but that year was so bad otherwise that I forgot that it was my time to go until after the midnight, standing in the midst of a happy crowd of strangers, staring in the sky at the fireworks. Happy New year to you and yours!

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