1205. Humbug!


Regan was a school teacher. She taught “the littlies”! It was Christmas Eve.

Little Johnny brought his teacher some flowers. “Happy Christmas, Miss,” said Little Johnny.

“How dare you, you brain-washed son of bigots. If I was a male you wouldn’t give me flowers. You’re giving me flowers because I’m a woman, and that’s sexist. I won’t accept your dumb flowers, and besides I don’t celebrate Christmas. I thought I’d taught you to ignore all this silly superstitious stuff and live in reality. Dismissed!”

Regan was clearly in a bad mood. She and her sister, Goneril, were to go to a ball that very evening. The Handsome Prince was insisting that their other sister, Cinderella, was to come too.

Humbug! Happy Christmas everyone!

15 thoughts on “1205. Humbug!

  1. Paul Beech

    Hi Bruce,

    I wonder how Goneril was feeling? Could be another good humbug there!

    Your story has caused me to journey back in memory to the classrooms and lecture rooms of my distant youth.

    The chap I see before me now is a ruddy-faced, white-coated maths lecturer, who was a stickler in every way, ever ready to sting the slacker or dim-witted with his dry wit. Until, that is, our last session before Christmas one year, when he abandoned mathematics altogether, sat on the front edge of his desk and told us in riveting detail about his exploits as an RAF fighter pilot in the Second World War.

    He’d been shot down over the Mediterranean but evaded capture by the Nazis to take to the skies and fight another day.

    Not humbug at all!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


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