Award 18: Noble Pries for Littering

With the shocking dearth of awards going around on WordPress, that is, the shocking plenitude of awards NOT going around, I have decided to once again nominate myself for a worthy accolade. Congratulations to myself on receiving the Noble Pries for Littering. I am not worthy, surely.

I am indeed honoured and humbled by this award, which unfortunately carries no monetary value.

There are a number of very strict rules when accepting this award.
1. You must NOT nominate anyone else.
2. If you have recently moved house, you must post pictures of where you live for the gratification of those who have not the slightest interest in your living arrangements.
3. Feel free to blather on about nothing.

So here goes:
1. (Done!)

2. As can be seen from these photos, if I were to be reincarnated I would definitely come back as a solipsist. In fact I might even establish a Solipsist Society and invite like people to join.

Here is my view to the north:


Here is my view to the south:


Here is my view to the east:


Here is my view to the west:


Here is a photograph of my mail box:


As you can see, tourists to the area who are looking for the nearest volcano are told to “Just keep driving once you pass Bruce Goodman’s red mail box.”

Here is a view of my house, lest you think I live in a tent:


Whoops! Wrong one! Here is the right one. You may have deduced: I am not a town person.


3. I have nothing to blather on about, more’s the pity. What an interesting phrase is “more’s the pity”! It’s worth a goggle gloggle giggle gliggle gloogle google. Have a lovely day!


29 thoughts on “Award 18: Noble Pries for Littering

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I’m not sure – I was freshly pressed (unfortunately not in a physical way) in a former blog before I told everyone to get stuffed. And when I started blogging again I wondered the same thing. I’d put it up if I were you and you can only get told off and apologetically take it down. Regarding your question yesterday re R.A.K. Mason (sorry I never got around to answering but the dog had escaped onto a cow farm and I was having a break-down) I don’t know much about his personal life, but he was a Greek and Latin Whizz Kid and in fact (I’m told) his schoolboy translations of Horace are still regarded as the best around… Another of his poems speaks about his poetry and with a Latin reference but I can’t find the poem online – “This short sharp sword I got in Rome… it can stab”. Referring to Julius Caesar’s style of writing compared to Cicero’s which was flowery (“for priests and currish vassals”). He became a major New Zealand 20th century poet…

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      1. Nitin

        Lol! I deleted the old blog too. And then couldn’t pay for the website. And so, I’m here. I read something about his father committing suicide and his bad relationship with his mother. But you know what the internet is like. I removed that comment because I didn’t want to call somebody a troubled artist before knowing anything about them. Well I’m glad he became a major poet. The last bit is interesting. Why not combine both? A flower with flick-knives instead of petals!

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          A great idea – a rose has flick knives but they’re not the petals! I think – it’s not impossible – that that is what you do in your poems: combine Cicero with Caesar! Dylan Thomas always read an R.A.K. Mason poem at recitals – “Judas Iscariot” – in which he had Judas having a ever-so-hearty frightfully English giggle as he betrays Jesus. Unfortunately the last verse is missing on any online version I can find – “Oh he was the most sporting bird that ever was born.” I’m not sure that he was “troubled” – he seemed to have lived a relatively boring unangst adulthood???

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          1. Nitin

            Well, I think I did what you once did Bruce. You’re the clever satirist by the way. So for whatever it’s worth, thank you for all the support. I could care less about the followers.

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  1. chrisnelson61

    Ha, ha! I like it! How about an award for those least likely to ever accept an award only to be nominated by those least likely to propose a nomination (should they be nominated).
    Anyway, you’ve got me envious – your new place looks idyllic. Hope you’ve settled in well.

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