1171. Check things before

I’m sorry, Matilda, but your attempt at Oprah Singing went down like a damp squid. You merely added consult to injury when you sang an oncall. You should have let sleeping frogs die. There is no use trying over split milk but you certainly missed the goat.

Next time don’t bark up the wrong knee at the chop of a hat and put all your legs in the one casket. These days you can’t pull the bull over everyone’s cries and kill two words with one stone.

Check things before you go fruiting your mouth off.

17 thoughts on “1171. Check things before

  1. umashankar

    Truth be told, I have missed so many goats by now I could have become a cheese baron if I had obtained them. But the question that howls in my face is who moved my goats in the first place? More is the damnation that whoever is moving my goats has been selling them to caprine thugs (or goatphiles — who cares?) of the marketplace. Not for nothing Nietzsche, the great herdsman of the abyss, cautioned the posterity that whenever you stare at a goat, the goat stares back at you. And yet, here we are casting pearls before goats with swine-flu. Robin Cook, the ace writer of medical thriller has been known to have said that goat is powerful emotion and it’s presence dulls the anxiety. Now I am stuck in this rickety train hurtling deeper and deeper in the outback devoid of even the basic goat of Internet wondering if I’ll ever be able to milk anything out of the udders of a story. I am touched by the words of the great poet Lee Child:

    Never forgive,
    never forget.
    Do it once and
    do it right.
    You reap what you sow.
    Plans go
    to hell as soon
    as the first shot is fired.

    And with that, the Hairy Goat finally belongs.

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