1158. Roll Over Shakespeare

I don’t often deviate into a true story, but so many have expressed a kindly interest in my house-hunting that I thought the “story” of getting a successful outcome would be an acceptable off-track thing to do.

We now have a house to go to, but what a saga getting there! It was our third trip away to look at houses, although we’d been looking online for over a year.

Here’s the view as we scamper along the road to the region of New Zealand called Taranaki. See the volcano?

We had decided we weren’t going to move until we found as near a “perfect” rental place as possible. Over the years we have been “forced” to hurriedly move because of work, or the owners sold or wanted the place themselves, and so on. It was time to find a place to rent that suited us! A list of must-haves and nice-to-haves was made, e.g. water pressure (not a dribble), three large bedrooms, room for a sizable vegie garden, a log-burner, two car spaces, and so on.

Several weeks ago we found a semi-suitable place online. It was in the shadow of Mt Egmont, one of New Zealand’s many volcanos.

Last Monday the rental agency phoned to say we had missed out in renting it, but another place had come up for rent. Were we interested? We said we were, and could travel the six-hours there and back to see it next weekend. On Saturday/Sunday we made the journey. It’s near the same volcano! It has three bedrooms, a wood-burner, three garages… It was at 422 Ryelish Road, way-way in the country! The appointment with the rental agency lady was at 11am. We waited at the gate. At 11.15am we still waited at the gate. At 11.30am we still waited at the gate. The rental agency lady didn’t turn up. We sent her a text. No reply.

Blow it! said I. We haven’t travelled all this way not to see it. We shall knock on their door and ask. So we did that, but no one was home. The house was unlocked. We went through the garages. We went through the house. I took photographs of everything. There was even a cat on the bed!! They had recently mowed the lawn in preparation for our inspection!

The place was excellent!

As we returned to our vehicle the phone went. It was the rental agency lady. Where were we? She had waited for an hour. We’re at 422 Ryeish Road.

It’s 422 Ryeley Road, she said.



It was in fact the next road over. We went there. If the wrong place had been excellent, this next right place was perfection! It couldn’t have been better (although there’s a tree blocking the view of the volcano so I won’t be able to photograph it for you when it explodes).

We shall be moving there in three weeks or so. Time to pack! Thank goodness I’m several months ahead with the daily stories! The nearest town is called Stratford. Roll over Shakespeare!

And that is the story of walking uninvited through some strangers’ house and photographing everything. I might add, they hadn’t made their beds.

23 thoughts on “1158. Roll Over Shakespeare

  1. Yvonne

    Hurray! I hope this will be your home for as long as you want to live there.

    I’d love to see your faces when you finally meet the folks whose house you invaded. Do you blush easily?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. thegreydivorceeblog

    That volcano in the distance looks like something out of a fairy tale! I’m so happy you found the perfect house. Wishing you many happy times there. I hope you develop your home invasion experience into a story with a Bruce-ian twist at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. umashankar

    It is evident your life closely mimic your stories. There is everything there we have come to expect from the lore of Bruce Goodman —suspense, intrigue, scandalous trespassing, a cat in the bed, and then the inimitable twist! I am happy for you even as that volcano broods in the background.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Uma. I thought the cat on the bed was a nice touch, but it was actually there! I did make the comment as we went through the house: “They knew we were coming for a look. You’d think they could’ve at least made the beds.”

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Andrea Stephenson

    There was a story on our morning TV this morning where the presenters had took one of those family history DNA tests and they’d found people across the world who they were related to. There was a woman on from NZ who lived under Mount Taranaki – she might be one of your neighbours, but if she is, be careful, as she’s related to Piers Morgan, the most irritating man on morning TV! Anyway, good luck with the move, it looks like a spectacular location – and don’t worry, if the volcano erupts I’m sure it will vaporise the tree so you’ll be able to get a great photo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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