Poem 44: Clean gene pool

(Usually I select a poetic form to explore throughout the month. This month however I’m going to use various forms each week. The poetic form selected for this week is the French Lai).

Jill was in favour
Of euthanasia
But heck!
It nearly killed her
To put down Hilda
And Becks –
Friends whose behaviour
Showed faults of Nature.
Jill’s next!

Oh like hell you will
I’m not sick, said Jill
I’ll swallow no pill
Against my own will –
Prepared for the kill,
When I am not ill.
Get stuffed!

But no! they all cried
It’s we who decide
What’s cool.
The mole on your side
Acts much as a guide.
No bull!
We say it with pride
There’ll be no cockeyed
Gene pool.

8 thoughts on “Poem 44: Clean gene pool

  1. umashankar

    I am laying my eyes on ‘French Lai’ for the first time in my life. But I am no stranger to the inimitable black humour of the poet.

    May the Force be with you in your search for a new abode.

  2. Yvonne

    What sadist decided this would be a good poetic form? Give me the old ababab.

    Good luck with the house-hunting. Maybe you’ll strike it lucky this time.


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