1138. Whalewhotamus

Genetic engineering had certainly come a long way when Rick Bergeron Ph.D. decided to cross a hippopotamus with a whale. Apparently they are fairly close genetic relations. They were not to be crossed exactly the way a horse and a donkey can be. Doctor Rick was to share genetic material and implant it in a female whale to see what would happen.

He was renowned for his skill. He was the one who had taken DNA from a guanlong remnant and brought them back into existence after millions of years. He was able to show that the crest at the top of its head wasn’t simply for sex appeal but served other purposes as well. And they had feathers! The guanlong bred like flies and eventually had to be exterminated because of the earth’s inability to feed them adequately. Whole flocks of sheep would disappear overnight.

The time drew nigh for the birth of the world’s first whalewhotamus. Planet Earth was hushed!

It drowned.

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