1136. Spicing things up

I’m having a bit of a conundrum. Our marriage needs spicing up and I can’t decide whether to take the evening classes in pole dancing or belly dancing. Both advertisements for the courses look enticing.

The pole dancing workshops require that I have my own pole at home so I can practice. I suppose I could use the pole on the lawn that holds up the kids’ basketball hoop. The trouble is it can get a bit muddy on the lawn sometimes, especially if it has been raining. I would have to wear a pair of wellingtons or gumboots or whatever they call them. The other disadvantage is that the lawn is right next to the main road and it would be quite a spectacle for passers-by until I learnt to do it properly.

Belly dancing demands that I have my own mirror. It has to be large apparently, and I don’t think I have one big enough. Have you seen the price of mirrors these days? Couple that with the cost of paying for the ten-week lot of evening classes and I think that option has priced itself out. It’s a pity because I’ve got the veils and beads and things hidden away somewhere in a bottom drawer.

So it looks like it’ll be pole dancing. Being next to the main road might spur me on to get good at it quicker!

Oh-oh! I’ve just received a text from hubby. He says he has enrolled in evening strip-tease classes. It’s going to be an exciting ten weeks.

12 thoughts on “1136. Spicing things up

  1. umashankar

    Humans tire out soon with whatever they have. Perhaps it is a biological urge to keep seeking something new? The story about the bored couple captures attention quickly. The character of the woman is surprisingly complete but more than that, the atmosphere created along the way helps establish a picture of the kinky husband in a bare sentence.

    PS: Can you mail me the location of the pole?


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