Music 117: Princess Flower

That’s the trouble with being popular: people call you all sorts of things! This plant, the Princess Flower, is also called the Glory Bush, the Purple Glory Bush, and Lasiandra. It’s Latin name is Tibcuchina urvilleana, and it used to be Tibcuchina semidecandra! Whatever! It’s lovely by any name.

Listen to the music HERE!

15 thoughts on “Music 117: Princess Flower

  1. Shubha Athavale

    You made my day Bruce! The house we downsized from 3 years ago had a tall Tibouchina tree in the backyard and a shrub variety at the front. I love these flowers, in Sydney they bloom in March/April. With respect to the Bard….Tibouchina by any name would still give us joy
    Once when I went to India I searched saree shops to get a silk saree of that colour and I did! You brought back fantastic memories – thanks!

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  2. Clay

    You keep doing it time and again. Thanks, Bruce! Reading your work just puts this smile on my dour face. Now if I can only steal your sense of humor! You’ll have to admit that every artist is a thief!

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      1. Clay

        That and every experience an artist has lived has always been lived before by someone else. I’m still young, and maybe when I’m married to a jealous, spiteful wife (highly unlikely!) I’ll steal from her sense of humor!

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