1129. True recognition at last!

Stanislaus had heard (why do people keep things so close to their chest?) that he had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. With fifteen plays under his belt, four novels, and over three hundred poems he thought it wasn’t before time! And surely he stood a chance.

To be truthful he had already prepared his acceptance speech. It was full of witticism and wise adages. It was quite critical in parts, especially of publishers. He’d never been able to find one who would accept him for publication.

8 thoughts on “1129. True recognition at last!

      1. exiledprospero

        I don’t believe a dentist ever won a major literary prize, which is surprising given their easy access to laughing gas and small vials of anesthetic. The last dentist I went to gave me balloons to take home, but not before spending two horrid hours explaining to me the strides modern dentistry had made since he was a boy ( a eunuch), while holding in his hypnotic hand the replica of a human jaw, complete with a wind-up key on the side.

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