Poem 38: New Zealand springtime

(The poetic form selected for this month is the Standard Habbie aka Burns Stanza. This is the last habbie for this month).

Spring has almost sprung Down Under,
Then summer will rip spring asunder.
But first the cuckoo ‘cross the tundra
Sings a lot.
Our cuckoos whistle! What a blunder!
I quite forgot.

Then let us think of little lambs
Cavorting round with new-born charms.
All hardened hearts are then disarmed.
What a clot!
They’re born in winter on the farms.
I quite forgot.

Let’s call to mind the blossom trees!
Their beauty brings us to our knees!
Pinks and whites in gentle breeze.
I’ve gone to pot!
The florets burst in frosty freeze.
I quite forgot.

Springtime comes all to and fro,
The ducklings hatched a month ago,
Mountains may still get some snow.
It’s ordered not!
The spring’s a messy dance you know.
I quite forgot.

14 thoughts on “Poem 38: New Zealand springtime

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      No I’m quite ill, but getting better now thanks, Derrick. Despite get the flu shot I picked up a rarer variety – which is my want. No ordinary run-of-the-mill flu for me!

  1. umashankar

    How did I miss this beauty? (I guess the deprivation of Internet might cross the threshold of starvation after all).

    The finely crafted sonnet is rippling with imagery and lyricism. The twists in each stanza reminds me John Donne. There is a deep undercurrent of sadness, of something lost or not being right, that lends a poignant touch to the poem.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Uma. “We” always think of Spring as being a time of cuckoos and lambs and daffodils. We don’t have cuckoos that go “cuckoo”, our spring lambs are born in June/July, and my daffodils have finished flowering and we’re still a month away from the start of Spring. But old habits die hard, and our connection with Mother England’s apron strings doesn’t seem to want to go away!.

      1. umashankar

        That is so true, John. It is difficult to change your stripes that you are born with, or the early associations with the world and accumulated feelings. I trust you are feeling homesick!

          1. umashankar

            I blame it on Oreo!

            (Mr Google installed the new version of Android called just that on my Pixel in the morning today. It was a protracted affair and in the process, names of John Goodman and Bruce Keats got cross-linked. I am glad to report that the error has since been rectified. I apologize for the inconvenience).


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