1120. New horizons

(This is the second of the Science Fiction stories to commemorate Science Fiction Day. Science Fiction Day is celebrated each year on Isaac Asimov’s birthday: January 2nd. Ok ok – haven’t you heard of a Time Warp?)

Many years elapsed after the Earthlings’ first failed attempt to populate the cosmos. But now technology had advanced. What used, on average, to take six generations to get from Earth to a habitable planet, now took only minus-a-few-days. The secret lay in the discovery of minus-time; not moving forward in time, but moving in another time dimension.

Anyway, that is irrelevant. Twenty Earthlings had been specially chosen to begin spreading human genes across the universe. In fact, a particularly friendly planet of aliens had especially invited the Earthlings to “Come! Populate our greatly under populated planet! We need more scientists!”

These aliens were of a highly advanced and intelligent character; brilliant scientists themselves, and at peace with all!

The twenty Earthlings chosen were selected carefully by the leaders of Earth. They were to be scientists of course, utterly objective in their search for truth; open-minded; unsuperstitious and not at all religiously irrational. In other words, they would fit in beautifully with the superior qualities of their alien hosts.

The Earthlings landed. The head alien came forward to greet them. “Welcome!” he said. “Welcome! Are you saved? Believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved.”

12 thoughts on “1120. New horizons

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I remember a few years back in Christchurch NZ – the Anglican cathedral (since fallen down in the earthquake) asked me to stage a passion play at Easter in the square. The person playing the part of Jesus was approached by a woman with pamphlets who asked him if he was saved!!

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  1. umashankar

    It is a classic ‘Houston, we have a problem’ situation. Jesus H. Christ seems to have headed straight to that planet after his job at Earth was done. I am enjoying these pieces of sci-fi laced with humour, or is it the other way round?

    Liked by 1 person


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