Poem 31: Rain

(The poetic form selected for this month is the ghazal.
The refrain is taken from Edith Sitwell’s profound poem, “Still falls the rain”. This ghazal is NOT intended as a reflection on her poem; it’s simply a phrase that’s stayed with me for fifty years or so.)

Night has turned to day yet still falls the rain.
Accept what floods you get. Still falls the rain.

Lovers steal the hearts of one another
And leave the lost to fret. Still falls the rain.

Mollycoddling keep us warm and dry but
Socks, shoes, and feet get wet. Still falls the rain.

Frozen clouds gather on far mountain hills.
It’s cold this night? You bet! Still falls the rain.

Sun brings its joys to those who ever hope,
Yet sleet shall caste its net. Still falls the rain.

Our days are predetermined, are they not?
So Bruce’s steps are set. Still falls the rain.

12 thoughts on “Poem 31: Rain

  1. umashankar

    The theme of predestination set in the matla has met its destiny in the maqta. I remain a proud reader and up there somewhere, Thomas Hardy is having his last laugh. Carry on shayar!

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you for the shayar title – one I’m possibly not entitled to! I missed the Thomas Hardy reference! I wouldn’t have attempted any ghazal unless you had not challenged me!

      1. umashankar

        You are superior to thousands of pretenders out there. Mr Hardy was invoked with a reference to his Fatalism. His heroes and heroines would swear by your maqta.

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Aha! O silly me! I had an obcession with Hardy way way back and read everything. But then again, I was quite young(ish). The Mayor of Casterbridge rates as one of my favourite novels!


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