1070. Swings and roundabouts

Ned and Danny had been friends since early school years. Their mothers would take them to the park when they were small and they’d play on the swings. Even when they were a little older, say twelve years, they would get on the swings to see who could fly the highest.

“You shouldn’t be using those swings at your age,” said Danny’s mother. “They are meant for the little kids. You’ll break them and then you’ll pay for it.”

But Ned and Danny kept on swinging.

One day, when they were seventeen, they crossed the park, and Ned said “Let’s?” So they did.

Danny’s swing collapsed and he broke his neck. He’s paralysed from the neck down. He never thought his mother meant he’d have to pay for it that way.

4 thoughts on “1070. Swings and roundabouts

  1. umashankar

    On an average, about thirteen people get run over by Mumbai suburban railway trains. Yet, some people will learn that only after they have turned into sausage under the wheels. Sadly, there is no way they can appreciate the spectacle, or the state they are in after the event. Or if they do, there is no way they can pass the wisdom to those about to be runover. Moral of the story: don’t mess with your mama!

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