28 thoughts on “Music 104: The joy of strawberries

      1. Yvonne

        Hiya. It’s my elbow (which still won’t bend) and shoulder (which still is very restricted in movement). My left arm/hand have had to start earning their keep.

        How are you?

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          I am not very good actually. Seem to be disintegrating. My right leg is the size of a house, my heart goes bom-diddy-bom, and I have trouble breathing. Apart from that I’m hunky-dory. (And I can pick my nose with my right hand.) And I just realised you were talking to Lisa!!! Sorry to have butted in!

  1. arlingwoman

    Bruce, that’s a beautiful picture of strawberries and the music makes me see them being washed and sliced and having cream poured over and sugar sprinkled on…We’re probably at the end of strawberry season here…

  2. Andrea Stephenson

    Lovely Bruce, I could hear that cream being poured and taste strawberries on my tongue. Oh and you got the thumbs up from my partner who happened to be in the room – she said it was ‘dead canny’ 🙂

      1. Andrea Stephenson

        I should have said she meant canny in the Geordie sense (though I think there was a little of the other kind of canny in there too), but she translated for you as ‘chipper’ and said it cheered her up 🙂


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