Poem 26: From the cat

(Although this section of my blog is called “A Poem a Month” it should really be called “A Poetic Form a Month”. The poetic form for the rest of this month of May, should any more poems appear, will simply be Ditties or Doggerels accompanied by a photograph. You’re welcome to make up your own tunes! Click on the top photo for a larger view.)

Sometimes I think it quite unfair
for the dog to sit upon my chair.
He seems to be at quite a loss
to understand that I’m the boss.

To hear the poem read aloud click HERE.

17 thoughts on “Poem 26: From the cat

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      The cat moved over from the neighbours as a kitten 11 years ago (they had six cats and 11 dogs). The puppy we bought a couple of months back for a considerably hefty price – he being the only purebred we’ve ever had – being an English Springer Spaniel which we call Bubble but his real purebred name is Chatto River Man. There’s more
      “doggerels” on the 5 dogs we’ve had over the years, coming up this Saturday!

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