Music 102: Eternal ragtime

Detail from Cantoria by Luca della Robbia (1400-82) in Florence’s Museo dell’Opera dell Duomo.

When the choirs of Heaven and Hell combined for a ragtime concert I was fortunate enough to be able to record a slice. The music was a disaster, but the mischievous cherubs rather enjoyed it.

15 thoughts on “Music 102: Eternal ragtime

  1. arlingwoman

    Goodness, Bruce! I was waiting for the ragtime and when it appeared it was diabolical! I did like the piece. It had a nice little bit of dissonance. One of Beethoven’s late piano sonatas has a great jazz riff in it–I can’t remember the number at this point. Of course the pianist could have been layering a little modern interpretation on it….

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Lisa! I enjoyed writing it – sort of like Scott Joplin, Charles Ives, and Arnold Schoenberg having a convention! (The link to the music seems to be currently down! Perhaps the search engines didn’t like it!)

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