1038. In raptures

Maxwell was in raptures! He’d recently arrived in the village for his new work appointment. He was to live there. He couldn’t believe his luck! He couldn’t believe what he saw!

There were crowds of young people; vibrant, cheerful, fully alive. He never saw one sick person. Perhaps it was the mountain air, perhaps it was something in the water. Everyone was fit and healthy. Everyone was so energetic and creative!

What an animated, pulsating community he’d been sent to! His new job was going to be a breeze: overseeing the implementation of the new government regulation to euthanize old and sick and mad people who couldn’t pay their own way.

(Note: this little piece of fiction was inspired by an article I read HERE).

9 thoughts on “1038. In raptures

  1. umashankar

    The cruel theme has had many stories and movies spun about it but few are as brusque and lethal as your little piece. What started as a ponderable option in the rarest of rare cases has spawned into an industry. It is a sadistic acceleration of the evolutionary mechanism but Nature has a way of exacting revenge from the overambitious species.

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  2. noelleg44

    This is such a sticky wicket of a topic, Bruce, I do worry that health care systems will make decisions about who lives and dies. As a Catholic and married to an MD, I am governed by !) First do no harm and 2) suicide is a sin. However, I’ve had my differences with the Church over the years, and if someone is in intractable pain and facing death, I wouldn’t stop them from taking things in hand. I still believe a physician should not be directly involved in taking anyone’s life.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Noelle. I seem to be in a similar basket to yourself (except not married to an MD)! I sometimes think of the dilemma experience by a great grandfather of mine: he was put in prison for attempting suicide after not being able to pee. Fortunately (but no doubt painfully) the prostate finished him off pretty fast!



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