1034. Dudley comes to stay

Don’t get me wrong, Granny loved having her grandchildren come to stay. One at a time, you understand. At her age the last thing she wanted was to be worn to a frazzle looking after a large brood of pre-schoolers. She had fourteen grandchildren in all, but not all of them were little.

So little Dudley (“I’m going to be four in two months”) came to stay. Just for a day and a night.

It was ten in the evening. Granny had just gone to bed and turned out the bedside light, when a little voice next to her head said, “Granny can I get into bed with you? I feel sick.”

“Of course you can, dear,” said Granny.

Dudley’s breath was wheezy. He fell asleep cuddled up to Granny. Granny lay awake all night listening. In the morning Dudley was better.

“Thank you, Granny,” said Dudley as he kissed her goodbye.

“I love having you stay with me,” said Granny. But, oh, she was tired, so very tired.

12 thoughts on “1034. Dudley comes to stay

  1. umashankar

    A sweet, little story that captures the dilemma of grannies all over the planet. It set me thinking about the two grannies I had from the two parental branches. We were definitely fond of the one from my mother’s side. I swear she could have hugged a bunch of us to sleep had we requested her. Our father’s mother was a bit cranky –she definitely wanted to be left alone. After reading the story, perhaps I can understand both of them a bit better.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Both my grandmothers (and grandfathers) had passed away (died) before I had a memory. I think my story was inspired by a Frank Sargeson short story (he’s a dead New Zealand short story writer) who had a grandmother with the grandson with toothache.

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