1016. Emily’s alien dinner party


Emily and her husband were among the first human beings to live on an exoplanet. There are so many of these exoplanets that I’ve quite forgotten its name. Anyway, it was perfectly suited to human conditions.

The planet was already inhabited by intelligent life. At first the aliens were a little taken aback that humans would wish to intrude on already occupied territory. Emily however made it her mission to dispel any fears the aliens might have. She invited the alien neighbours for a meal; a party to dissipate any grumblings and enable all to get to know each other better.

The aliens were going to be so easy to cater for. Emily simply had to supply water. What could be easier?

The guests arrived. Disaster followed! The aliens took their nourishment via photosynthesis. It was night time. Emily’s reconciliation party was a flop.

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