1009. Liver


Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy being a grandmother and having the grandchildren stay over. But I like to give them proper food. Their mother, for all her excellent upbringing, doesn’t feed them properly. They’re malnourished. I make sure they’re sent home with tummies full of good healthy food.

One of their favourite foods is liver. It must be the way I cook it. Their mother claims it to be the most disgusting organ in a cow and says the children hate it. She refuses to feed it to them. But a liver is low in calories, low in fat, and packed with nutrients, including riboflavin, copper, vitamins A and B12 and B6, thiamin, protein and iron. What could be healthier?

The grandchildren gobble it up. When I come from the kitchen to the dining table their plates are always empty. Not a liver left. And it makes them full of energy. Damien, the oldest boy, always asks at the end of a liver meal if he can go out and dig the garden.

16 thoughts on “1009. Liver

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Meanwhile, the other children use up their excess energy chasing my old dog, Muffin, all around the house. Poor old Muffin! She’s used to napping in her favorite place, under the dining table; she can’t take all this rough play any more. Sometimes she even vomits, after the children leave.

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  2. Sarah Angleton

    Smart kids! Actually, I’ve never eaten liver because my mother refused to feed it to me, something that I’m sure annoyed my grandmother. My mom’s a pretty smart lady. If she says it’s awful, I see no reason to doubt her.

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  3. noelleg44

    Hah! I figured there was a dog under the table! I used to make liver and onions – something my mother made and which I sort of liked – thinking my husband liked it. After 20 years of marriage, he finally told me he hated liver. Haven’t had any since!

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