Music 101: A plagal cadence


Thanks for listening over these last 101 compositions. As you may know, the monthly poems ceased on the 1st of this month with five limericks; and the daily stories, with story 1001, finish this coming Thursday the 7th. That’s tomorrow! Amen! And for those who know music theory, that’s usually a plagal cadence!

Listen to the music HERE.

26 thoughts on “Music 101: A plagal cadence

  1. chrisnelson61

    once had a Moog – great sounds but (this was the early eighties) it was monophonic , so not too much of a keyboard! Perhaps one day you’ll return to your musical interludes. All the best. Chris

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  2. umashankar

    Soft as a rose
    The light from the East
    As if all is forgiven
    And wolves become sheep
    We are who we are
    Or we’re not
    But at least
    We’ll eventually all fall asleep
    Eventually all fall asleep.
    ~Paul Simon (Insomniac’s Lullaby)

    Such grace and panache, sparkling wit and mischievous humour. Your daily servings will be missed.

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  3. inesephoto

    I loved your stories, Bruce, and I will definitely go back and read whatever stories I have missed. They are humorous but stunningly true slices of fictional life. Your music will be missed too.
    Hope Craig remembers to whom he owes at least a part of his success.
    I owe you a lot of chuckles 🙂

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  4. Cynthia Jobin

    I seem to have missed this one, but have been systematically listening to and enjoying your music compositions. I like the serious/sad ones the best. If I could compose music as well as you do, I’d put my cat lullaby (Sleep, My Little Cabbage) to music. But I can’t, so I won’t. I’m glad you are keeping these accessible.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Cynthia. Glad someone is enjoying them! Am about to watch the first of the US presidential debates. Am about to make a nice cup of coffee and sit prepared to doze on the sofa! Do you have the written tune to “Sleep, My Little Cabbage”?

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      1. Cynthia Jobin

        It’s 11:30 pm here….of course I watched the debate too..OMG what can I say? Hillary surely rubs me the wrong way…Trump is holding back a bit (he was gentlemanly and didn’t take advantage of some zingers he could have made) maybe saving stuff for the next debates when she will be repeating the same formulaic stuff again.
        I’m going to have a snifter of brandy and go to bed. My “little cabbage” lullaby is really just a simple refrain + verses situation. It’s in my blog archives from this past March….

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