978. Tattoo


Clifton had always wanted a tattoo.

His father was furious when Cliff came home from staying at a friend’s place and had a tattoo on his arm.

“You’re only sixteen,” said his father. “You don’t know what you want till you’re older.”

“It’s my body,” said Cliff.

“You’re too young to do what you like with it,” said his father.

But Cliff was pleased with his tattoo. It had the name “Virginia” over roses and lilies.

The following week Virginia dumped him.

21 thoughts on “978. Tattoo

  1. exiledprospero

    Fabulous, Bruce. Talk about getting one’s just deserts.

    I wrote something called Tattoo the other day, but it’s all mushy. Like yours better…
    I’ll send the link up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Propero. I was delighted with your comment but disappointed you had put a comma between the word “fabulous” and the word “Bruce”! I shall follow the link…



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