970. Buying shirts


And you thought buying clothes for an eleven year old girl was hard! Just try buying shirts for an eleven year old boy! Kimberley took her son shopping for a couple of shirts.

It was one of those department stores that have a bit of everything, and a reasonable range of boys’ clothing. Nathan wanted to try everything on. Does it match? Is it the right size? Will I grow out of it too soon? The pattern wasn’t right, it was too girly.

Kimberley was at the end of her tether. “It doesn’t matter, dear. They all look nice. Just make a choice.”

But Nathan had to try on one more shirt.

That was when the terrorist bomb went off.

30 thoughts on “970. Buying shirts

  1. Susanne

    How you captured one of my terrible irrational fears. Living in the nation’s capital, it is something I fret about from time to time, especiailly when shopping with my young’uns at the big mall near Parliament Hill. Such awful times we live in that these things burrow into our brains.

      1. Yvonne

        I was eating lunch in a department store café in Melbourne when we were all evacuated due to a bomb threat. It was a good wake up call.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Oxford Street bombs – that’s scary. I’ve never had to worry ever – only once in Detroit USA when I took a wrong turning and ended up in a street with grass growing up in the middle of it, and I didn’t even stop at any of the red traffic lights… !

  2. umashankar

    If it were the Palaeolithic era and the boy had bee trying just one more tree bark, a meteor would have hit the forest. A very Goodmanesque end, but signs of the times.


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