961. Seeds


Leigh was into health food. She had an overabundance of tomatoes this year and decided to make and freeze some soup.

Of course, the thing she most disliked about making tomato soup was skinning the tomatoes, and removing the seeds. Seeds in tomato soup! Never! All the recipes said to take them out, and she did. What a task!

And so to make some healthy bread. Now where did she put that carton of seeds?

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28 thoughts on “961. Seeds

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          I made 17 different kinds of preserve – from chutneys to Indian sauce to chilli sauce to salsa to everything! Even made green tomato pickles – which are turning out to be my favourite!

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  1. Cynthia Jobin

    If Leigh is a health nut, she most likely has a blender of one sort or another. Cook the soup WITH skins and seeds, then purée with a blender before adding cream or whatever. As Pauline says, Leigh may be a tad dim.

    Looking at your crop, I have tomato envy.

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  2. derrickjknight

    When The Culinary Queen first looked into my larder she was aghast at the varieties of vinegar therein. Well my chosen recipes all contained different ones, and I seldom finished a bottle. And I had to start with a precise recipe. Where are all my vinegars now?

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