958. Toilet seat


It was outrageous. Once again the toilet seat had been left up by some thoughtless male. For the second time that day, the toilet seat had to be put down before it could be sat on. Why can’t males think of others for a change and put the seat down after they finish? It was typical of men not to think of the woman in the house.

And then there was Ramona. She was maddening. She always put the toilet seat up after using it. She claimed that she put it down to use, but put the seat back up to be nice to the men in the house. It meant that Harry had to put the seat down not just after the other two men in the house but after Ramona as well. In fact, Harry would frequently go to the bathroom just to put the seat down. He was forever thinking of others.

Come on guys: always leave the seat down. Think of others for a change. Women (except for Ramona) always think of others and leave the seat down.

28 thoughts on “958. Toilet seat

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Personally, I don’t give a tinker’s dam about other people’s needs to have the toilet seat arranged for them before they get there. How terribly difficult is it to arrange it for themselves? ( Perhaps growing up with five brothers inured me to thinking this was a problem.) Besides, in my house not only is the seat down, but the seat cover also….to prevent the dog from using it as a drinking bowl and the cat from falling in.

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  2. thecontentedcrafter

    πŸ˜€ Point taken!! And I agree about the cover being down – for all reasons stated! I was once trying to open a toothbrush packet – you know one of those ones you need a university degree and an engineering diploma to get into……….. The whole thing took off out of my hand and flew across to the open toilet ……………

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  3. Yvonne

    This is such a first world problem! We soon learned to put the seat and cover down when living in the tropics. The tree frogs loved this handy swimming pool and provided a rude early morning wake up to those who squat on the job.

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  4. arlingwoman

    As a child I once fell in the toilet at night because my father had left the seat up. My mother rescued m with good humor and my father apologized in the morning. After that I have always checked at night…

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