957. An unsolved mystery


Irwin was all of four and lived on a farm. He knew that a baby lamb came out of its mother’s bottom. He’d seen it. And baby calves. So when his mother said that the hen sitting on eggs was going to hatch out babies today or tomorrow, Irwin was excited. He knew that baby chickens hatched out of eggs.

He went to the chick coop and peered at the hen sitting on eight eggs. He knew the chickens would come out of her bottom, but how did she put her babies into the eggs for them to hatch?

Irwin waited all day, and nothing happened. He didn’t see a single chicken come out of the hen’s bottom, let alone see her hide it in an egg.

The next morning the hen had eight baby chickens. He’d missed it. How the hen did it was anyone’s guess. The mystery was unsolved.

To listen to the story being read click HERE!


28 thoughts on “957. An unsolved mystery

  1. Yvonne

    Each morning, I open your latest post with some trepidation (as well as anticipation). This morning, I can finish my muesli with a smile on my lips. Dear little Irwin.

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