951. A nun’s story


Listen children. In Rome, in one of the many beautiful churches there, in a golden box, there’s a little white feather. That feather fell off the wings of the Archangel Gabriel when he appeared to the Virgin Mary to announce the Incarnation.

Christians have venerated the feather for centuries. Quite recently a terrible man, an atheistic scientist, got hold of the feather and did a DNA test on it. He wanted to prove it was a feather off a chicken.

Well children, do you know what happened? It wasn’t a chicken’s DNA in the feather at all; it was the feather off a Brazilian duck. How the feather got there was anyone’s guess.

The terrible atheist was about to announce this when a gust of wind caught the feather he was holding in his hand and blew it back into the golden box. Then the horrible atheist dropped dead. It was a miracle!

33 thoughts on “951. A nun’s story

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      In truth, I never had a nun teacher like that, but it was fun writing it! In fact I only had one nun, and she was in my final year at primary school. Other than that, I went to State (Government? Public? Secular?) schools.

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  1. thecontentedcrafter

    It’s the new villain – a ‘terrible, horrible atheistic scientist’! Now I need to know what became of him after his miraculous death – which would of course include the denouement of the Brazilian duck feather. This would be a whole different kind of novel, not written by Dan Brown!

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  2. Rob McShane

    Ah, beware the power of the Brazilian Duck. Stories abound of flighted feathers, featherless flights and flashing lights de l’orange (especially from the rare Rio Spotted Drake). Personally, I have always thought them quack stories yet now you have me re-evaluating my perceptions!
    Nice one Bruce! 🙂

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