950. Julia’s bath


Although Julia’s bathroom had a shower, she preferred to take a bath. She loved to lie there in the warmth of her bath, covered in bubbles. Of course, she kept her bath immaculate. It was always perfectly scrubbed after each bath, otherwise it would become just too hard to clean altogether. She lived alone, so she didn’t have to worry about cleaning the bath after others had used it.

When she went on a month long cruise in a luxury liner, her cabin didn’t have a bath. But not to worry; she had a shower. She could lie in her bath to her hearts content when she went home.

When the cruise finished, Julia went home.

There was a ring around the bath.

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41 thoughts on “950. Julia’s bath

          1. Cynthia Jobin

            Um…er….it was caused by a clog in a pipe leading from the municipal drainage system, and so when the neighbors also complained about the problem, it was cleared and the water slowly seeped away. Julia’s cruise lasted awhile, probably.

            (this reminds me of the nightmare that occurred when I first moved into my little house two years ago. The sewer backed up into my finished cellar—knee high sewerage water— and the Hazmat (hazard materials) people had to come after the blockage was cleared. They were here for days clearing unmentionable stuff out, sanitizing the very walls, knocking down partitions and then setting up fans to dry everything so mold wouldn’t set in. I can still hear those fans as if they were here, whirring night and day. It was not pretty.),

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            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              Yuk! When I was doing my novitiate (1969) – which lasts exactly for 365 days in a non-leap year – the sewerage got blocked and overflowed onto the lawn. Tomato plants sprang up everywhere. A fellow novice called Tim planted them all out in the garden to be enjoyed by the novices that followed us the following year!

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          1. Cynthia Jobin

            You rang, sir?

            There’s an ongoing controversy about “like” and “as”. Generally, “like” is considered a preposition and “as” is a conjunction. So you would use “like” when it’s followed by a noun and “as” when it’s followed by a verb or verb phrase. In Yvonne’s sentence, I guess either is okay, but I would probably use “like” because it feels more right to me. Or you could just say butlers don’t buttle the way they used to.
            English Grandma

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