941. Hilarious


Thomas wrote a poem for school. His mother thought it was hilarious. She posted it on line. People said it was hilarious. Everyone said it was hilarious. Thomas’ teacher thought it was hilarious. His classmates thought it was hilarious.

“This is hilarious,” wrote Genevieve on Facebook.

But Cameron didn’t find it funny at all. “I can’t see why people think this is hilarious,” wrote Cameron on the school’s webpage.

And actually, Cameron was the only one who was right. The poem wasn’t hilarious at all actually. In fact actually, it sucked. It was actually hilarious the way everyone thought it was hilarious when it wasn’t hilarious. Hilarious actually!

Cameron’s mother thought it was actually hilarious like. People said Cameron’s comment was actually like hilarious. Everyone said it was like hilarious actually. Actually Cameron’s teacher like thought it was actually hilarious like actually. His like classmates like thought it actually was hilarious.

“This is actually hilarious like gross,” wrote Genevieve on Facebook.

24 thoughts on “941. Hilarious

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Excellent! You have most cleverly and wordily put your finger on something true, then pummeled an overused adjective to a pulp of meaninglessness. I like don’t think I will be like able to like use the word ‘hilarious’ for a long time like hence.

    (at least they didn’t say the poem was “interesting.” 🙂 )

  2. umashankar

    You have immortalised Hilary —perhaps that is a by-product of your subconscious. I am inclined here to go with the voice behind Genevieve, because that is how it mostly is.


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