926. Lunch time


Claudine and Arnie were taking their three kids on a visit to grandma’s. Claudine packed a nice lunch to eat on the way. It was a four hour drive.

“We’ll stop somewhere in the car and have lunch,” said Claudine.

It was lunch time.

“What about stopping here for lunch?” suggested Arnie.

“It’s too much of a built-up area,” said Claudine. “Drive a little more into the country and we’ll find a nice shady tree to sit under. In fact, just a bit further on is a little river with a good swimming hole that the kids would enjoy.”

“We really need to stop for a quick lunch,” said Arnie, “and get to where we’re going. They haven’t got time for a swim.”

Claudine “won” the “discussion”. They stopped next to the little river and the kids went for a swim in the swimming hole.

Hester, the middle child, drowned.

To listen to the story being read click HERE!

46 thoughts on “926. Lunch time

          1. Cynthia Jobin

            I almost always laugh immediately after reading a Bruce story…they are twisted, predictably corny, punny, outrageous, short (an especially good attribute) and totally fictionally non-fictional.
            He’s a folklorist of our times, in spite of himself.

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      1. Susanne

        I can’t remember the name of the story but it was about a family driving to Florida on a vacation and who took a detour for some reason – I think at the grandmother’s insistence, the grandmother who didn’t want to go in the first place – and then all ended up getting murdered. It was a terrific story, as is yours.

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  1. umashankar

    Bruce, the incorrigible. Fresh from reading Paul Kalanithi, who has quoted from T. S. Eliot’s Whispers of Immortality which in turn alludes to William Wordsworth’s Intimations of Immortality, I feel compelled to invoke these words;

    Webster was much possessed by death
    And saw the skull beneath the skin;
    And breathless creatures under ground
    Leaned backward with a lipless grin.”

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