923. Zita travels by bus


For about forty years Zita had travelled to work by bus. These days the bus was often crowded and she had to stand. In the early days, if a woman was standing, every man and has dog would offer her a seat. Not these days! These days, even teenagers made her stand all the way to work while they sat and play kitschy-coo on their cell phones.

Zita was heading for sixty and dyed her hair regularly. It made her look younger. No wonder she wasn’t being offered a seat on the bus. At least seats were given up for old ladies.

“Blow it!” thought Zita. “I’m letting the grey come out. That way they’ll offer a seat to an old lady.”

So she did! She let her hair grow grey. She looked a lot older. In fact, she looked more like her age really was.

But no one offered her a seat.

25 thoughts on “923. Zita travels by bus

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    If I color my hair to look younger, then I uncolor my hair to look older, I have, in both instances done something to my own nature for the sake of how others see me. The opinions of others about me can become harsh and disappointing task masters.

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  2. Rob McShane

    Searching for respect in a disrespectful world – think I’ll go purple myself – “respect dude,” my neighbours son might say whilst punching the end of my fist. Ah, acceptance at last! 🙇🙇🙇

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  3. Sylvie G

    I went through that phase, when I was taking the bus at the same time as teenagers going to their private schools in Christchurch and had to stand. I thought they were rude, then I thought, it’s because I do not look old enough to be offered a seat, then I thought : naaa, they would not offer a seat anyway 🙂

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