914. Deodorant


Beverley and her husband, Torrie, were going out with Janine and her husband, Lincoln. Beverley and Janine were work colleagues.

“The trouble is,” said Beverley to Torrie, “Lincoln doesn’t use any deodorant. He’s inclined to smell… a bit…”

“Have you asked Janine to tell him?” said Torrie.

“No, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings,” said Beverley. “These things are delicate matters. They have to be approached with sensitivity.”

Beverley and Torrie met up with Janine and Lincoln. Torrie was introduced to Lincoln.

“Hi,” said Torrie to Lincoln. “Beverley said you stink. Here’s some deodorant.”

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29 thoughts on “914. Deodorant

  1. arlingwoman

    I bet dinner was … interesting. So often, the members of a couple (something wrong with that turn of phrase, but…) approach things in very different ways. Regardless, this was a laugh out loud moment…

    Liked by 1 person


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