910. Flight simulator


Eric had a flight simulator program on his computer. He could pick the airline, the time, the specific flight, the destination, the weather… He could take off and land. For a long flight he could even put the plane on autopilot and go to bed.

Eric lived in the United States of America. His mother lived in New Zealand. She was taking the seventeen hour flight to see him.

“I shall load your flight on my simulator and fly the plane over in real time weather and all,” said Eric to his mother.

For seventeen hours he sat at his computer and flew the plane his mother was on. Here it comes now into land. Goodness! Eric just realized; he should be at the airport to pick her up. He hurriedly landed the plane before rushing to the airport. But the plane on his computer didn’t land properly at all; in his haste he crashed it.

After seventeen hours of flight he had crash landed. Everyone was killed probably. The aircraft was a write-off.

Oh well. No need to drive to the airport just to pick up his mother’s corpse.

45 thoughts on “910. Flight simulator

      1. Cynthia Jobin

        Now I may have been obtuse, again. I put it in quotes because I was impersonating Samuel Pepys….and meant to imply that the flight simulation was all of a regular day’s virtual happening in the mind of the idiot Eric.

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Bloomin’ heck! I thought you were retiring early! And here’s me having had to read all of Pepys’s diary at university to glean information on “authentic music performance”. And indeed the virtual reality, as I mentioned to Lisa with the Facebook “friends” is all part of the monstrous fantasy some people live in…

              1. Cynthia Jobin

                I have a small flippin’ cell phone but it’s not a smart phone, it’s dumb…all it can do is phone calls. I almost never give out the number to anyone. I keep it in my pocket for the day when I have car trouble or I fall and can’t get up. Nothing virtual to see here, just keep moving.

                1. Bruce Goodman Post author

                  I lied… I have a little phone that I take in the car in case it’s needed. No one texts me, except the phone company for payment – $20 a year for the privilege. I don’t giver out the number either. And I can’t text. I can type out a message but I can’t see how to put in the person’s phone number!

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Ah but Sylvie, what REALLY happened was because he was late in picking up his mother she filled in the time by buying a lottery scratch ticket, and she won $75,000 ! (Just a pity she was run over walking out of the airport!)

  1. Keith Channing

    Reality is nought but an illusion, an intrusion into his delusion, an allusion to his confusion, an… ‘Enough!’ I hear you say. So, in conclusion, suffusion of a profusion of excusions.


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