908. Felicity’s farewell


Felicity had cancer and was in hospital. Dying. She was in America. Her daughter was with her. Her son, who lived in Australia, was coming over.

For two weeks her son stayed and visited every day. Then he had to go back to Australia because of family and work commitments. He came to say goodbye. He left for Australia.

O the grief… Felicity… how she wished she was dead. How she wished she was dead.

25 thoughts on “908. Felicity’s farewell

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    I’ll wager the myth of the ideal deathbed scene….all the family gathered lovingly around to witness the final moments of passing….happens mostly in the movies, and in the imagery of newspaper obituaries.
    A friend of mine, member of a large family of siblings who had busy lives but wanted to make sure Mum “wouldn’t die alone,” …this friend was taking her turn at the vigil in the hospital—cell phone ready to notify the others immediately if they needed to come—-and decided, as her mother slept peacefully, to step out for a pee. While she was away from the bedside, in only a matter of minutes, her mother died.

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