898. Grandma Margaret’s begonia


Grandma Margaret was given a beautiful red begonia in a terracotta pot the shape of an old boot. It was beautiful!

And then the begonia died! Well, these things can’t last forever. Grandma Margaret put the terracotta pot with the dead plant in a corner of her carport.

A grandson visited.

“Grandma, what’s with the clay pot the shape of a boot?”

“I had a beautiful red begonia growing in it, but it died. These things can’t last forever.”

Grandma Margaret’s grandson watered the soil in the terracotta clay pot. The begonia sprouted. It flowered a beautiful red.

“It just needed a bit of water, Grandma.”

To listen to the story being read click HERE!

21 thoughts on “898. Grandma Margaret’s begonia

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Impermanence, change— so hard for us to get our thoughts around and to allow, even though we know that “things don’t last forever.” And coming back is not the same as never leaving. Thanks for this one, at this time, Bruce.

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  2. Susanne

    You know, sometimes I read your stories too quickly and I miss the subtlety of what’s going on – like the grandson teaching his grandma about nurturing the plant. Then my mind wanders off wondering why Gran didn’t know to water her plant?Then I think, isn’t it interesting that Bruce put the plant in a boot which leads me to think of the expression “Given the boot.” and I think, did you intend that? Maybe Grandma didn’t want the begonia after all and the grandson messed up her plan. Anyway, another good one that lets the reader engage in all manner of speculation.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I rather like it when critics of calibre – such as yourself – find a depth in things that I never knew was there! Of course, I intended every nuance!! Life is like a poem – the vaguer one is in life the more some people think you lead a meaningful existence!


        1. Cynthia Jobin

          Grandmas do get a lot of givens they don’t really want or like. Maybe she was glad the dang booted thing was dead….then along comes the young whipper-snapper and makes her have to start tending it all over again.

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      1. Susanne

        “Life is like a poem – the vaguer one is in life the more some people think you lead a meaningful existence.” That is a marvelous quote. If I was still on Facebook I’d post that and credit you.

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