895. Sex sex sex


Sex sex sex! That’s all anyone thinks of these days. It’s just sex sex sex!

Look at that young woman there, walking down the street. She’s dressed to the nines. All in the latest fashion. It’s nothing but sex sex sex. That’s all she’s thinking about. She dresses like that because she has sex on the brain.

It never used to be like that. And look at that man there. Barely eighteen, and you can tell by the way he licks his ice cream as he walks along that he’s thinking of nothing but sex. SEX! That’s all he ever thinks of.

And all these people out doing their shopping. Hundreds and hundreds of people. Every one of them the result of sex. It’s not as if each one of them was conceived with just one go. Oh no! There were dozens of attempts before most of them were conceived. The world is obsessed with sex sex sex.

Every one, just EVERY ONE, is harbouring little secret sexual fantasies. You can feel it. The air is heavy with all this testosterone and oestrogen and all that. I can smell it. I don’t know how many times, even this morning, I’ve been stripped naked by people’s eyes.

GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER you stinky oversexed generation of sex- sex- sex-starved nymphomaniacs. The modern generation. In all my eighty-seven years it seems to get worse by the year.

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27 thoughts on “895. Sex sex sex

  1. Let's CUT the Crap!

    These look like clothes patterns from the golden, olden days. They never appeared in public unless they looked their best. I guess they were guilty and rotten to the core because today people go out in their pajamas and still have sex on their minds. Tsk. Tsk.
    I hadn’t given it a thought today, but now… oh heck!

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    1. Cynthia Jobin

      Hi Yvonne….It’s near midnight in my neck of the woods and as I am having a stiff drink and surfing the web for just a bit, I keep getting notices of your “likes” of my comments on earlier Weave A Web posts….It’s fun to go back and read earlier ones, isn’t it? I haven’t been much for commenting today because my dog Chloë was euthanized and I am at sixes and sevens. I am getting a chuckle, nevertheless about some of the comments, including yours….it pays to be almost pixillated and half asleep, sometimes, when reading all of this……

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  2. ideenbarimani

    Sex is a primal need but it’s been sexualized in society and bastardized. It’s promoted as the be all end of all of being a man. I’ve fallen victim to worrying about it too much. It should just accompany any basic part of life, without it feeling forced and used as a crutch to validate what a man is supposed to be. Or some notches on a belt.

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