Music 76: The tui


The tui is a New Zealand native bird. It has a white tuft under its neck, which is why in the early days it was called the parson bird.

In September there are dozens of them on my street. After all, I do live at 12 Tui Glen Drive! They come to feed on the nectar of the flowering trees.

In this piece of music the tuis can be heard calling over the music. Sometimes they sound like little bells, and other times like a truck revving or backing!

(Note: the music ends around 2’10”. For some reason there’s silence on the audio for a couple of minutes!)

24 thoughts on “Music 76: The tui

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      When you get a bunch of them singing at once it sounds a little like Amazon jungle! They can be fed with syrup but not like a hummingbird feeder – just in a bowl with an upturned bottle – like a water feeder.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you! There’s an old military airport base on the street which is now divided into private properties, and the military planted rows of nectar-bearing trees for some reason.


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