858. He brushed passed


Mr Sonny Hickmott was a pretty good teacher of Mathematics. Most of his high school students achieved well. Trena however, hated his guts. She hated Mathematics, and extended the hatred to Mr Sonny Hickmott.

Trena wished to see the school counsellor. “Twice Mr Hickmott has brushed passed me. It is most uncomfortable. He stands in the aisle between the rows of tables so I have to squeeze past him to get out. He stands at the classroom door and I have to wiggle through.”

Trena wished to see the school principal. “Twice Mr Hickmott touched me. He leans over my shoulder and pretends to be helping me with my work. But he’s touching me. And once he brushed passed and touched my breast.”

These days Mr Sonny Hickmott is out of work. No one will employ him. Trena has dropped Mathematics altogether. She’s feeling pretty pleased with herself. Except, she doesn’t like History, and hates her History teacher’s guts.

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15 thoughts on “858. He brushed passed

  1. Susanne

    Having a hard time with this one. We’re in the midst of a nasty public sexual assault trial in Canada of a former CBC broadcaster. The victims have been made to look foolish and opportunistic and it is breaking my heart that this guy is probably going to get away with it. Now of course, in your story, we don’t have sufficient information to determine if Trena is a victim or a perpetrator so I’m just going to remain mute on the “like” for this story.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Fair enough… In New Zealand, the slightest hint of molestation and the teacher is removed until the investigation is complete. Of course, after that, even if shown that the accusation was concocted, there’s not a chance in hell that the teacher will ever get re-employed. I’ve seen it three times, and all stemming from the same student. She tried it on me – but that’s another story… I got her expelled from the school.

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  2. Cynthia Jobin

    The only thing worse than child sexual abuse, in my book, is false accusation of such sexual abuse. Having been a high school teacher, I have seen too many examples of witch hunts and the ruining of careers because the presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” is waived in favor of the assumption “why would she lie?” For an authority figure who spends a lot of time with children, there has always been the opportunity for—and sometimes the actuality of— abuse, but feminism, political correctness and the over-coddling of the young have made it just as likely now, that the real victim is the teacher.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Cynthia. I know of one teacher “accused” who with a queue of 11 students waiting outside his office door, apparently gassed a male student with a handkerchief laced with chemicals, raped him, and then interviewed the remaining students who had been waiting outside the door. The teacher was found to be “not guilty” but never taught another day.

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