839. Another statistic


There were four people in the car. It was speeding along the road. I know it was speeding because it passed me going at a terrific rate. That was about two minutes before I came across the accident.

The road was wet. It had been raining, but was now clearing up. There was a right hand curve in the road, and the driver obviously missed it, and the car went straight ahead and plummeted down a small bank. Three of the people in the car seem to have been thrown clear, including the driver. They were standing together on the side of the road. But the fourth, a passenger in the back seat I think, was a mess.

There was blood everywhere, and he obviously had head injuries. One of his eyeballs had completely left its socket and was hanging down like a yoyo. He was lying in the middle of the road, about ten metres from where the car went down, so he must’ve somehow been thrown back out of the car after impact.

The blood! I’ve never seen anything like it. I think he was still alive. I’m not sure though, because the first aid attendant kept getting in the way of my camera.

To listen to the story being read click HERE!

23 thoughts on “839. Another statistic

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    The yoyo eyeball did give me pause….and I didn’t know where you going with this until the very end. Then— without a moment’s preaching, philosophizing or opining—you hit your nail on the head. Brilliant!

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  2. derrickjknight

    Marvellous. We passed a similar accident 2 or 3 days ago. Passengers were still being helped out of the car. Already the road was blocked by sightseers. We decided there were enough people around to help or phone, and moved on. But my trigger finger was itchy

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  3. umashankar

    You have hit the bulls eye! The cameraman was conforming to the cultural rage of shooting the best and the worst and the happiest and the gravest. Hope he got a selfie too with the eye dangling like a yoyo.

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      1. alexraphael

        Hmmm. Well it asks the question of how far we are willing to let someone go to get the latest details of a gruesome crime scene. I get angry in my review that the Academy didn’t rate the film much, so you probably should stay away haha.

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