835. Terrible accident


Mrs Hilda Beatrice Burkin of 10 Hillthrop Place has asked not to be named. She said she saw the accident in which Janice Mavis Renault, aged 36, died. Police will not release the name of the deceased until her relatives have been informed. When Richard Sandhurst, a nephew, was phoned by the Press he said that the family was coping well but why not phone the deceased’s mother on 0800-324-345-64332 as she would be able to spell out in more detail the grief that the family is currently undergoing?

Janice Mavis Renault had recently left her husband, Jonathan David McCauley, for Vernon Bevan Daniels, aged 42, of 241 Sunnycrest Avenue. Daniels had previously been arrested and charged for possession of cannabis but was given name suppression by the judge to protect the name of his daughter, seven year old Angelica, whom he had sexually abused throughout her childhood thus far. Angelica attends the Kelvin Road School, where the head teacher, Mrs Bianca Toffleson, said Angelica was coping well considering all the terrible things that have happened in her life, including the recent death in the accident of her abusive father’s latest lover, Janice Mavis Renault. Further details can be found on her Facebook page.

Janice Mavis Renault’s mother has not been answering the phone. We are led to belief she is upset at her daughter’s death.

Next week we hope to publish more details of the accident, and further names, once the embargo is lifted. Plus we hope to publish a few photographs of Janice Mavis Renault’s mangled face and body.

30 thoughts on “835. Terrible accident

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Morbid curiosity…it sells newspapers, gets high tv ratings. Media, social and otherwise, take a slimy, sleazy advantage of a natural fascination with what Jung called “the shadow.” Everybody loves a train wreck. Maybe it enables us to say “thank God it’s not me!” Maybe it’s like scary stories for kids that help to cope with fear. I like Emily Dickinson’s take on it:

    Water, is taught by thirst.
    Land—by the Oceans passed.
    Transport—by throe—
    Peace—by its battles told—
    Love, by Memorial Mold—
    Birds, by the Snow.

    And to that I add: F**k Facebook.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      The Emily Dickinson is almost superseded by your own comment about Facebook! I once wrote a play with the characters watching public hangings from a pub window… “He’s wriggling! He’s wriggling! He’s gone!”

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      There’s no other news left in New Zealand… “New Zealand Herald”, “Christchurch Press”, “Otago Daily Times”, “Dominion Post”, TV1, TV3, New Zealand Women’s Weekly…!

  2. exiledprospero

    Is that number good, Bruce? I’ d like to call and convey my condolences to the family.

    P.S. It’s refreshing to hear Cynthia, a true social media devotee, extol the virtues of facebook.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Apparently the number is valid but the silly mother is apparently grieving and selfishly not giving interviews. And, P.S., yes it was refreshing to read her alliterative praise – although I had to Google the f**k bit.

          1. exiledprospero

            I care not a whit: a sale is a sale.

            There’s nothing vulgar about working for commission–except for the deceit and the bad dental work.


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